The Absolute Best Way To Enjoy Fresh Figs

Sweet and jammy figs can accomplish a lot in your kitchen. They can be baked onto a wheel of brie, roasted into a flavorful agrodolce, or stewed into a delectable fig-saba jam. But the truth is, you don't need to cook figs at all to enjoy them. The best way to enjoy them is just as they are — fresh, raw, and whole.

Figs are actually inverted flower blossoms, and the entire fruit is edible, from the skin to the seeds. The only part you need to make sure to remove is the woody stem. After that, gently wash your figs, being careful not to bruise them, and you can enjoy them whole. During fig season, you'll find that many markets selling the fruit ready to eat, but in the perfect scenario, you can pick a fig straight from the tree an snack on it — it doesn't get any fresher than that.

Fresh figs are at their peak when eaten raw and whole

There are multiple types of figs, and they typically fall into one of two harvest seasons. There is one in early summer that typically yields a smaller harvest, while one in late summer or the early months of fall yield a larger batch. Either way, the only trouble with fresh figs is that their shelf life is short due to the fact that they are 80% water and don't last very long once they have been picked. In the refrigerator, they may last as long as a week, but on the counter, you're looking at only a couple of days — this is why you see so many dried figs in the store.

Fresh figs are also serve as a nutritious snack, as they contain potassium, vitamins A, B6, C and more. Fresh figs typically have slightly more of these important nutrients than dried ones. While both fresh and dried figs are delicious and nutritious, this is just another reason why you should eat fresh figs just as they are whenever you have the chance.