Use Cinnamon To Take Your Tomato Sauce To New Heights

The fresh flavor of tomato sauce made from scratch can't be beaten. Fragrant herbs, garlic, a little olive oil, and naturally sweet tomatoes create a vibrant and tasty combination. However, with the simple addition of an unlikely spice, you can change your mouth's experience with this sauce and send it into tomato sauce nirvana. 

Cinnamon, whether ground or in the form of sticks, is wonderfully warm, a little woodsy, and quite sweet. This versatile spice enhances the flavor of baked goods, hot cereals, sprinkled with sugar on buttered toast, as well as in Indian food, and even chili. But it's cinnamon's sweet personality that shines through when used in tomato sauce.

Cinnamon can add sweetness to your tomato sauce while the other elements of this spice remain cloaked from your taste buds. Additionally, with a pinch of sugar, this bright spice is known to reduce the acidity of tomatoes. So how do you incorporate cinnamon into your tomato sauce?

A little goes a long way

If you want to take your tomato sauce to new heights by adding cinnamon to it, a word of warning: A little goes a long way. Don't be heavy-handed when sprinkling this spice into your sauce or it might be too sweet to consume. Plan to add it once your sauce starts to simmer. You will love how it complements the overall taste of your pasta dish and adds warmth as everything simmers together.

Cinnamon sticks will work to sweeten your sauce as well and carry a little less of a risk of adding too much. Simply place a single stick into the sauce. As it cooks, the sweetness will infuse with the other flavors. Just be sure to fish it out before you serve. And cinnamon in your sauce also has another added benefit: If you find that tomatoes upset your stomach, this spice can help ease some of your tummy woes.