The Sweeter Bread Swap For Equally Delicious Avocado Toast

Just when you think you've heard of all the possible ingredient combinations for preparing avocado toast, another tempting recipe enters the chat. This time, may we suggest making avocado bread using cornbread. As soon as you try the mouth-watering combination of sweet, crumbly cornbread topped with a buttery spread of mashed avocados, you'll understand why this pairing should be immediately added to your avocado toast-making arsenal.

Cornbread is a Southern cuisine staple for good reason; and, when toasted, the toothy crust provides the ideal base for a smothering of avocado. Crowned with fried eggs, drizzles of hot sauce, and freshly chopped herbs, your usual morning breakfast routine is in for a serious overhaul. Gluten-free versions offer an equally appealing platform to perch your favorite avocado toast toppings; and, if you've prepared yourself an afternoon snack, you may have a difficult time stopping yourself from reaching for more after finishing one serving. 

Experimenting with avocado cornbread toast flavor combinations

Whether you have cornbread leftover from last night's meal or are setting out to make an accompaniment for tomorrow's chili, you'll want to save a few slices to try cornbread and avocado. Brush slices of bread with butter before toasting, and salt to taste as you spread ripe avocado on top of the goldened pieces. Poached eggs and chives can bring an added earthiness to the dish, while za'atar spice blends can invite depth in flavor.

Experiment by adorning pieces of leftover loaded cornbread casserole with slices of avocado, or top buttermilk cornbread baked hot in a skillet with mashed avocado, garlic, onion, and chopped tomato. The sweetness of the bread will emphasize the richness of the avocado; and, when it's enhanced with freshly cracked black pepper and chunky flakes of sea salt, your tastebuds will wonder what took you so long to discover this satisfying treat.