Here's What You'll Find In Giada De Laurentiis' New Pasta Line

If you're looking for the next big thing in pasta, Giada De Laurentiis may have just the brand for you. At the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, an expo for the latest and upcoming trends in food, the queen of Italian cuisine announced the launch of her brand-new line of pasta from Giadzy, her food and lifestyle website.   

Fans of De Laurentiis are already familiar with the Giadzy brand, which sells expertly curated Italian products and offers recipes and articles focused on Italian culture. While Giadzy has sold plenty of gourmet pasta in the past, the pastas in this line are the first-ever in-house products from the brand. Like much of the merchandise sold on Giadzy, the pasta is made in Italy, using local and organically sourced ingredients and artisanal recipes. In fact, the pasta is handmade in Abruzzo, Italy, one of the largest pasta-producing regions in Italy, and home to two nationally recognized pasta brand factories, De Cecco and Delverde. Now, the Giadzy brand will join the ranks of these Abruzzo pasta greats with eight different classic pasta shapes.         

Eight iconic pasta shapes to choose from

So what can you expect from the Giadzy pasta line? Several of the traditional shapes make the cut with wide-shaped pappardelle and two kinds of hollow Bucatini making an appearance. You can also grab Spaghetti Chittara, a signature pasta of Abruzzo made with an instrument that cuts the pasta into strips with wires that resemble guitar strings. 

Still, De Laurentiis was driven to offer some more obscure pasta shapes for her followers, telling Food & Wine, "With Giadzy Pasta, I wanted to shine a spotlight on some of my favorite lesser-known shapes to show people how wide the world of pasta really is — and how fun it can be." These exotic pasta shapes include Taccole, a jagged-edged, rectangular pasta, and the jumbo-tubed Paccheri. The most elegantly shaped pasta is perhaps the Nodi Marini or "sailor's knot," so called for the resemblance to the spiraled knots in a sailor's arsenal. Rounding out the Giadzy pasta line is Manfredi Lunghi, a regal and ruffled pasta. 

As for how to serve this pasta, De Laurentiis is already advising cooks to prepare the pasta as simply as possible to let the quality flavor shine through. She recommends starting with recipes like Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana, and Calabrian Chili Pasta, to utilize simple flavors that pair well with excellent pasta. Fans can begin ordering Giadzy Pasta starting July 23 on the Giadzy website, with a 1.1-pound package selling for $10.50.