Carbone Will Now Sell Its Famous Spicy Vodka Sauce

You will soon be able to buy a jarred version of Carbone's famous Spicy Vodka sauce to enjoy at home. Carbone, a beloved Italian-American restaurant based in New York's Greenwich Village, started selling jarred sauces in 2021 under the brand name Carbone Fine Foods. These new products were met with enthusiasm by consumers, and in 2022, those sauces — Marinara, Tomato Basil, and Arrabbiata, which were later joined by Roasted Garlic — became regularly stocked at Whole Foods. 

In partnership with Major Food Group, the brand's beloved Spicy Vodka sauce joins the line-up. It will be available for purchase starting in July, expanding through September on Amazon and on Carbone Fine Foods' company website. It's made from tomatoes that are specially grown in Italian volcanic ash and cooked with Calabrian chili peppers and onions to create the signature flavor that fans of Carbone love. The sauce does not contain cream like many other popular vodka sauces do, and jars suggest consumers add it to their liking. 

Elegance at home with the help of Carbone

Carbone was founded by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick, the same creators of Carbone Fine Foods and Major Food Group. The restaurant has become immensely popular since it opened, receiving numerous accolades and drawing crowds to this day. Mario Carbone has been nominated for multiple James Beard awards and received Food & Wine Magazine's prestigious Best New Chef in America designation. 

Despite all of this recognition, Carbone's founding ethos was inspired by the Italian-American restaurant scene in New York in the mid-20th century. In these restaurants, delicious and incredible food was served in more casual, homey settings. While Carbone's menu items are innovative, the nod to these roots remains solid. This makes it very fitting that such a noteworthy sauce like the Spicy Vodka is now being sold in jars; you can bring the elegance of one of Carbone's most popular sauces to the comfortable space of your own home.