Take Your Pizza Sauce Up A Notch With One Powdered Addition

Crafting an excellent pizza sauce is the key to a great pizza. Luckily, it doesn't take much more than quality tomatoes, olive oil, and salt to achieve. However, you can take your pizza sauce up a notch by adding a simple ingredient you probably have in your spice cabinet or drawer. Garlic can be an essential component of any sauce you plan to spread on a pizza, adding a depth of flavor to rich and sweet tomatoes. And if you find fresh garlic to be too pungent and bitter, you can use powdered garlic to achieve your flavor goals. 

Garlic powder checks a couple of boxes. It's convenient because there's no peeling or chopping required, which is also going to save you a some time. It also provides a consistent taste throughout the sauce because it's easier to distribute throughout. This will ultimately lead to predictable and delicious results each time you make your sauce.

Garlic powder adds a mild but flavorful boost to pizza sauce

Using powdered garlic will add flavor without compromising the smooth texture of your pizza sauce. When you have uneven chunks of fresh garlic to contend with, the consistency and the taste of your sauce can be off from batch to batch. 

One of the other important and game-changing benefits of using powdered garlic is its milder flavor. By opting to use powdered garlic, you allow the flavors of your tomatoes, cheese, and toppings to take center stage without overpowering or competing with them. This ultimately makes for a more flavorful combination.

If you are going to use garlic powder to make your pizza sauce, it is important to remember that a little goes a long way. You will probably need less than a teaspoon of garlic powder to add the aromatic kick you're looking for in your sauce. When in doubt, just taste as you go and adjust your seasoning as needed.