The Two Sharp Spices To Add Variety To Your Turkish Coffee

If you've never had Turkish coffee before, your first sip will change everything you thought you knew about a morning cup of joe. This bold, bitter, and frothy beverage is unlike any coffee you've sipped on before. Turkish coffee differs from other coffee varieties in that it is prepared in a copper pot called a cezve and is heated over sand. The drink is also brewed using extremely finely ground coffee beans, and these elements combine to turn the drink into a thick, foamy delight.

Turkish coffee is one of the strongest coffee varieties out there. Even if you're one of those coffee drinkers who prefer ultra-bold brews, this beverage may be a bit too harsh for you. Many people will sweeten up their drinks with a dose of sugar, but if you're looking for a more unique spin, we recommend looking to your spice cabinet instead. For those who have long been indulging in Turkish coffee and are looking to amp up the flavor even more, it might be worth adding some taste-enhancing spices. You likely have jars of cinnamon and possibly cardamom already sitting mostly full in your spice rack. It's time to pull them out and sprinkle them into this delicious brew.

Cinnamon and cardamom add a spicy, earthy spin to Turkish coffee

You probably already know why cinnamon is a great pairing to a strong coffee like this variety; the spicy-sweet flavor offers a great contrast to the bitter notes present in the beans. To try out this combination, simply add a few dashes of cinnamon to your coffee grounds before boiling them. This provides the best flavor infusion, but if you're in a rush, you can also sprinkle some straight into your freshly-brewed beverage.

Cardamom is another popular addition and for good reason. This spice elicits a more complex taste, adding herbal, floral, and earthy aromas. If you purchase the spice whole, make sure to toast the seeds before using them to pull out the best flavor. Then, grind the edible portion and sprinkle it into the coffee grounds, just like the cinnamon.

If neither of those spices suits your palate's preferences, feel free to experiment with others. For a licorice flavor, go with star anise. Nutmeg or vanilla will add a lovely, subtly sweet taste. Even getting creative with some pre-made spice mixes, like pumpkin spice or apple pie spice, can add a seasonal flair. No matter which combination you try, we hope it brings a refreshing change of pace to your morning routine.