Cheesy Canned Green Beans Are A Winning Weeknight Dinner Upgrade

Just because you're cracking open a can of veggies in order to put tonight's dinner together doesn't mean your meal is doomed to be a sad and flavorless experience. Adding a few extra ingredients can convert a basic boring can of green beans into a side dish that could easily be mistaken for a menu item cooked fresh at a restaurant. The secret to taking them up a notch is cheese — and when considering which cheese might add the right element of creamy, earthy goodness to your dish, we recommend reaching for an aged Parmesan or a sharp Asiago. 

Cook the green beans first in butter, then top them with generous shavings of your choice of cheese. Add a sprinkle of your favorite seasonings you keep stocked in your kitchen, and maybe some herbs — either fresh or dried — along with salt to taste. After the first bite, you'll be setting this dish on the table with pride.

Cheese and seasonings will elevate a simple can of green beans

Once you've experimented with adding Parmesan or Asiago to a can of green beans, you can begin to use different kinds of cheeses to make other creative side dishes. Then try adding garlic and onion powder to further boost the flavor. To accommodate the meat lovers in your household, consider mixing in chopped pieces of bacon bits to invite extra crunch and texture to the vegetable dish.  

For a hotter, spicier serving, splash some hot sauce or cayenne pepper onto the cheesy green beans. If you're looking to create a more mellow yet sophisticated presentation, sprinkle on pieces of toasted walnuts or almonds, and finish the dish with drizzles of lemon juice and olive oil. Canned green beans and cheese can serve as the foundation for several spin-off recipes, and you can customize servings to match either the main dishes or the more finicky preferences of the diners sitting at your table.