Starbucks' Churro Frappuccino Is The Secret Treat You Need This Summer

Churros and summers go hand in hand, as the cinnamon-sugary sticks are enjoyable to chew at the county fair or while walking along the boardwalk. The textural combination of a soft inside surrounded by a crisp exterior has won over bakers and foodies alike, and the flavor has found its way into ice creams and cakes for those who can't seem to get enough of this delicious treat. Now it is possible to add a coffee drink from Starbucks to the mix of food items that deliver this pleasing taste. 

With a strategic order at your local Starbucks, your neighborhood barista can be armed with the ability to hand you a Frappuccino that tastes just like a churro — but in a satisfying liquid form. While this exact drink may not be listed on every Starbucks menu, ordering a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino with a boost of cinnamon dolce syrup, white chocolate mocha sauce, and whipped cream is the instruction needed so that you can enjoy the taste of a freshly made churro that can be sipped through a straw.

Bringing new flavors into a cup

Though the flavored Frappuccino drink originally made waves as part of Starbucks' secret menu, and was briefly featured on its UK menu, once the recipe hit public menus, word got out quickly. "I've tried quite a few Frappuccinos over the years and I have to say this one is by far the best," one reviewer wrote. With a drizzle of caramel and a dusting of cinnamon powder on top of your drink, your standard coffee order may never be the same.

Just consider yourself warned: This is a recipe that packs a significant punch of sweetness, so if rich and bitter coffees are more of your go-to preferences, this probably isn't the order for you. For sugar cravings and afternoon treats, however, a churro Frappuccino can be the sweet caffeinated combination you need to make it through the day, and you don't need to wait until your next trip to the amusement park to find yourself enjoying the irresistible taste of crunchy-pillowy-cinnamony goodness.