The Ingredient Upgrade That Will Transform Your Bolognese

Have you ever felt as though your Bolognese sauce needed an upgrade? Perhaps it could be silkier, richer, or have more depth of flavor. If there were an unusual ingredient that could take your bolognese to the next level, would you use it? Does such an ingredient exist? Yes. And it's chicken livers.

For the skeptics out there, hear us out. While chicken livers might not be something that you've ever considered using, let alone purchasing, give them a try with your next Bolognese. They will no doubt surprise you with their hidden potential. Good quality chicken livers actually have the potential to ramp up both the flavor and texture of your sauce. Though they aren't the most common form of poultry to cook with by any means, chicken livers are earthy, creamy, mildly gamy, and acquire a very silky texture when cooked — so you won't need to worry about a livery taste.

Adding chicken liver to Bolognese

While you may think of them as the key element in a pâté more than anything else, chicken livers are actually a common ingredient in Italian cuisine, whether they are grilled on their own or tossed in with pasta. And while every family has their own rendition of Bolognese, there is no real right or wrong way to make one outside of one's own preference. Chicken livers are certainly not outside cultural norms, and they shouldn't be outside of your consideration.

One of the reasons to use chicken livers in Bolognese is to create a rich and silky texture to the sauce. The chicken livers also help the sauce coat the pasta instead of just sitting on top of it. The key is to sauté the chicken livers before they go into the sauce, which will caramelize them and add an extra depth to their flavor.

Once the livers are added to the sauce, they will disappear amongst the other meat, leaving only their richness behind. In terms of purchasing, make sure you are buying the best quality chicken livers available. You can purchase these from a butcher or a reputable brand you trust. Either way, use them quickly or put them in the freezer, where they will last for up to a year if stored properly.