Coffee Butter Is The Caffeinated Twist For Your Compound Creations

A plethora of compound butters are trendy right now, but what if you could whip up a flavor that gives you a caffeine fix and rich spread all at once? Instead of drinking your morning cup of joe, it's completely possible to get an energy boost from homemade coffee butter. Not only that, but you'll get the taste of java that you know and love through a creamy vehicle perfect for your morning toast.

And the options don't end there. You can slather coffee butter on any pastry you like, from croissants to scones to Danishes, or on baked goods like pumpkin bread, coffee cake (which is meant to be paired with java), or chocolate chip muffins. Or, let a pat melt atop a stack of pancakes or waffles with some fresh fruit, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, cinnamon, or Nutella. And if you're feeling creative, you can even use it on top of recipes like coffee-rubbed steak – just be sure to forgo the sugar in the butter recipe.

Whip up coffee butter based on your preferences

The easiest way to whip up coffee butter is to simply mix a stick of butter with espresso powder or coffee grounds, depending on your taste and caffeine strength preferences. Keep in mind that espresso powder typically has a stronger taste than coffee grounds, so you may want to start small and add more as needed. In a pinch, you could also use instant coffee, although it will produce a weaker butter caffeine-wise. Whichever you choose, simply stir your java into a little hot water, then combine the mixture with butter — or, just add the grounds in as-is. As an alternative, you can also steep whole coffee beans with butter over the stove for a few hours, then strain and chill.

If you want to make your concoction from scratch, stir your coffee into heavy cream, then use the mixture to proceed with the butter-making process (you can find our complete recipe for coffee butter here). You'll need a food processor to blend everything up into a solid substance, and a cheesecloth to strain out all the extra moisture. If you intend to pair the end result with sweet breakfast items, feel free to add some powdered sugar to either version. Pay attention to the salt content in your recipe too — if you're using already-made butter, add salt to taste with an unsalted stick. Then ditch your morning coffee mug, and enjoy a java-flavored breakfast.