Why Anthony Bourdain Didn't Like Brioche Buns For Hamburgers

Brioche burger buns are naturally fluffy, buttery, rich, and soft. They toast up well, and don't mask the flavors of the burger the way other rolls have been known to do. All this seems as though a brioche bun would be nothing short of perfect for your burger; however, according to Anthony Bourdain, this is not the case.

The late-great television host and writer was no fan of brioche burger buns. Quoted from InsideHook, Bourdain said: "The hamburger bun is designed to absorb grease, not add greasiness to the experience. A proper hamburger bun should retain its structural integrity, playing its role as delivery vehicle for the meat patty until the last bite. The brioche bun, woefully unsuitable for this role, crumbles."

Of course, Bourdain was not against brioche as a bread, but the fact that the buns aren't all that great at sopping up the juices and grease of the burger made them a no-go for the famous foodie. Lest he leave it at that, Bourdain did have certain rules that he advised others to follow when seeking out or making the perfect hamburger. 

Potato buns soak up the juices perfectly unlike brioche

In a YouTube video for Insider Tech, Bourdain lays out his rules for the perfect bun to encapsulate a good burger. The first order of business is that the classic soft and squishy potato bun reigns supreme. Why? Potato buns are mildly sweet, but they do not interfere with the overall taste of the burger or varying ingredients. They have a softness and an absorbency that makes them the perfect candidate for mopping up juices and soaking in excellent flavor, which is all thanks to the heavy starch content from the potatoes. 

Overall, when combined with the final two rules of a good hunk of meat and melty cheese, Bourdain believed that the perfect burger should be a cohesive experience. It isn't showy or overly complicated, but something that served as a perfect union of ingredients — it was his entire food philosophy sandwiched in a potato bun.