The Best Beer Style To Drink With Cheesy Potato Chips

Many varieties of potato chips exist, but there's one commonly held truth to them all: You can never eat just one. We find ourselves grabbing handfuls of all types of potato chip flavors, but cheesy potato chips are particularly addicting. There's nothing quite as satisfying as the finger-dusting goodness of cheesy potato chips. The salty crunch of the thin, crisp potato combined with the bold, cheddary bite of the seasoning makes this snack so irresistible that you may even require a beverage to quench your thirst to keep the indulgence going strong.

Whether you're serving a bowl of cheesy potato chips to be casually shared among friends or simply find yourself with a case of the munchies on the couch, we have just the thing to you need to turn this mouth-watering snack into a perfect-paired combo. To complement the tangy ripeness of cheddar-laden potato chips, we suggest reaching for a highly carbonated Belgian ale, such as a Saison. This farmhouse-style pale ale is characterized by its bright, fruity, and sometimes spicy character and would pair nicely with any potato chip coated in a thick layer of sharp cheddar cheese.

The perfect sip for your chip

When snacking on cheesy potato chips, it is important to consider the boldness of the cheese when selecting a beer pairing. Saisons can express a variety of flavors, including bright citrus fruit, herbal or peppery spice, or even tangy sourness. Similarly, cheddar cheese can be mild or sharp, creamy or dry, spicy or tangy. Knowing what brand or style of cheesy potato chips you've selected will help you discern how they will play off of or highlight certain flavors in your beer. For example, a potato chip coated in rich nacho cheese seasoning may specifically intensify the spiciness in a Saison.

If we're talking about Saisons we can't skip one of their most pronounced features: the carbonation. The flavor is just one component of why a Saison is the perfect pairing for cheesy potato chips. A Saison's high carbonation content and astringency act as a natural palette cleanser, leaving your mouth feeling dry and clean. This sensation will help balance out oily potato chips and provide a stark (and enjoyable) contrast with any greasy, lingering flavor and spices left behind on your taste buds from the potato chips. So next time you're elbow-deep into a bag of cheesy potato chips, consider selecting a Saison and get ready to feel your taste buds tingle!