The Clever Hack For Keeping Bags Of Frozen Food Closed

Freezer food has always been there for us in our times of need. These conveniently-packed foods are perfect for stocking up on when you're needing a quick, microwavable meal in minutes, an easy-to-make snack, or a sweet treat after a long day. However, there is one drawback: There seems to be no good option for re-closing these bags. 

You may opt to repurpose a bread clip or prefer sealing these bags with a chip clip. Some desperate snackers may also be utilizing the hair ties on their wrists for a quick option. And, oftentimes, even the bags that are equipped with a resealable zipper sometimes fail us. What if we told you that you could seal up any kind of frozen food bag with one quick cutting motion? This touted life hack is easy to do and involves closing your frozen food bags just like a garbage bag. All you need to do is cut a chunk out of the top of the bag, and two seconds later you have a perfectly sealed bag. While this dilemma in your freezer may not be at the top of your list of problems to solve, this is an easy solution you can start using today.

All you need is a pair of kitchen shears for this frozen food trick

This hack to easily close a frozen food bag is not only efficient, but it's also quick. No matter if you are trying to fasten a package of mixed vegetables, french fries, nuggets, or something else, all you need to close these bags is a pair of food-grade kitchen shears. 

Cut the top of the bag in a wide U-shape that drops about a quarter of the way down the bag. Make sure that you don't cut past where the food lies in the bag, as to prevent spillage or directly exposing your food to the brutally cold freezer conditions. Once you have the two "handles" created, tie them together in a knot, just like you would a regular garbage bag. And, voila, you've got a frozen food bag ready to be packed away into the freezer. It's also very easy to re-open when you're craving more of the bag's contents. Hopefully, this kitchen hack transforms your snacking life, just as it has ours!