The Best Fruit Toppings For Steak In Any Season

When the warmer weather starts to arrive, it's finally time to start preparing for the grilling season. Grilling steaks are the perfect introduction to summer and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for all the meat eaters in your life. Steak is also easy to elevate with some classic toppings like caramelized onions, or sautéed buttery mushrooms, and even some herby chimichurri. There's another pairing that is ideal if you want to change up your go-to celebratory steak dinner: fresh, in-season fruit.

You might be a bit apprehensive to slather sticky jam or homemade fruit salsa all over your perfectly cooked steak. The pairing doesn't exactly sound like a match made in heaven to some. But, if you think about it, fruit and meat have long accompanied each other. From lemon-seasoned chicken to slow-cooked pineapple pork loin to turkey and apple sandwiches. So who's to say steak won't also benefit from this delicious accompaniment?

There are endless ways to tailor this unique combo to your specific tastes. Whether you're a fan of more tart flavors, like cranberry, or are craving something sweet, like peaches, there are several must-try pairings. But, our recommendations do differ based on the season you're in.

Spring and summer fruits make the perfect pairing for steak

One of the most iconic summer ingredients is peaches, and we think this grilled fruit has a rightful place on top of your steak. Grilled peaches achieve a caramelized crust with a smokey yet sweet flavor that is great when paired with the salty meat. An extra drizzle of honey or a sprinkling of fresh herbs can take this match to the next level.

Make some homemade mango salsa if you're feeling a more tropical flair. This tangy and optionally spicy salsa works great when piled on a charred, juicy steak. The contrasting flavors are complimentary of one another, and this bright, fresh pairing will have you continuously coming back for more.

Spring and summer berries are another can't-miss option. Our recipe for grilled tri-tip with blackberry mustard is a must-try if you're looking for the perfect blend of tart and sweet. Other great berry combinations include drizzling a blueberry glaze on your steak or mixing some raspberries into your mango salsa. Feel free to get creative and make your own berry and steak combination.

Fall and winter fruits to liven up your hearty steak cuts

By the time fall rolls around, apple season is in full swing. Apples are one of our favorite toppings that you can add to a steak, mainly due to their versatility. You can make a refreshing steak salad with thinly sliced apples, gorgonzola (or your cheese of choice,) pecans or almonds, some crunchy salad, and a tangy vinaigrette. Green apples are a great option for this recipe, as their sour flavor coincides nicely with the other flavor profiles in this meal. You can also caramelize some other apple varieties in butter and brown sugar for the perfect smokey and sweet addition.

If you're a fan of cranberry sauce on turkey, it's also worth trying with your steak in the colder months. You'll likely have some cranberry sauce leftover from Thanksgiving, and smothering it over your steak can be quite tasty. If you'd like the sauce to compliment the steak's savory taste better, add some spices like cumin, chipotle, and sugar to the mix.

Finally, a unique winter pairing we guarantee no one has served you before figs on steak. Just like summertime mango salsa, you can make homemade fig salsa that is in-season during the winter time. This cozy recipe has ingredients like balsamic vinegar and honey to balance everything out. Now, go forth, get creative, and impress all your friends and family at your next dinner party.