The Simplest Way To Add Fresh Ginger To Your Drink

Ginger is good for more than just ginger ale. Its herbaceous, spicy taste can brighten up beverages of all types, from warming bourbon cocktails to refreshing iced tea, and it boasts incredible health benefits to boot. Don't go running to your spice cabinet just yet, though. In this application, it is recommended that you use the root instead of the bottled version, as it has a sweeter flavor that's more complex. While it may sound intimidating, adding fresh ginger to your drink is quick and easy when you do so using a grater.

Grating fresh ginger is the preferred preparation for two reasons. First, this method breaks up the root fibers to release its juices, giving you the most flavor possible for your drink. Second, the pulp-like texture of the resulting paste mimics that which you find in fresh-squeezed fruit juice, allowing you to include it in your beverage and add another punch of spice without ruining the mouthfeel.

How to grate ginger

You can grate ginger in a few simple steps. First, peel the root. Use a knife or vegetable peeler if you desire, but the best way to peel ginger is actually by using a spoon, as this accommodates the natural curves and knobs of the root. Once the skin is removed, you can cut the root into chunks to make it easier to grip. Finally, run the pieces over your grater in long, firm strokes, with a bowl underneath to catch the output. You will end up with a bowl of ginger paste and juice to add in whatever quantity pleases your palate.

What if you don't like the texture of pulp in your drink but still want the full taste of grated ginger? Consider placing the paste into an empty tea bag. You can add the bag to your beverage along with the juice and remove it when the flavor has infused to your liking.