Here's What A Call Drink Actually Is

Before you step up to the bar, it can be helpful to know what kind of options you have as you ask your bartender for a drink. While well drinks like rum and coke are often made with the cheapest alcohol the bar can stock, more discerning bargoers have other options. Whether you have a specific kind of liquor you'd like your drink to be mixed with or simply had a bad experience with a particular brand that you'd now like to avoid, calling out the name of a particular label — like Bacardi and Coke — is referred to as ordering a call drink. A call drink means a specific alcohol has been requested, instead of an umbrella term that could refer to a range of liquors that could be poured into your glass.

Familiarizing yourself with drink recipes can not only help you name drinks that are pleasant to sip throughout the evening, but understanding the difference between drinks made with premium alcohol and those made with cheap liquor can help keep your budget in check. Plus, knowing exactly how you'd like your bartender to make your drink can ensure you have your preferred drink of choice slid across the bar quickly, and you can step aside for another eager drinker to step up to the bar.

For drinkers who know exactly what they want

If you don't name any brand, you'll most likely be served the liquor that is sitting in the well. Bars use these alcohols to keep costs low while still delivering decent drinks to patrons. Though call drinks come with a higher price point, if you have a specific drink or recipe on your mind, you may want to open your pocketbook for it. If you don't care and have a strict budget you need to stick to, asking for a well drink may be a good enough order for you.

By ordering your drink with a particular alcohol, you send the message to the bartender that you know exactly what you'd like your drink to be mixed with. Whether Grey Goose or Jim Beam, naming the liquor label means your drink won't be made with a generic label, and you can anticipate exactly what you'll be served.