Swap Tortilla Chips For Potatoes In Filling Irish Nachos

It's no surprise that nachos are popular. Nothing is better than a mountain of melted cheese, beans, jalapeños, and whatever else your heart desires; all layered on top of a convenient vehicle to scoop it into your mouth. If you are a die-hard nachos lover, though, you may be looking for a way to consume the dish that will upgrade it from the occasional snack or appetizer to a complete meal. Enter Irish nachos.

This hybrid recipe brings nachos to a new level of delicious by substituting the tortilla chips for potatoes. To successfully perform the ingredient swap, slice your potatoes into evenly-sized rounds or matchsticks and bake them, before adding your toppings. Not only does this chips alternative add an interesting texture to the game, but with crispy edges and melt-in-your-mouth centers, it also will keep you satisfied for longer thanks to the boost of fiber from the potato skin.

How to top Irish nachos

When it comes to building your Irish nachos, the classic fixings are a reliable option; however, potatoes are a blank slate that allow for even further variation. One creative option is to use global cuisines as your inspiration. Make things even more Irish by using beef as your primary protein, and drizzling your potatoes with a Guinness-infused beer cheese. Go Spanish by seasoning your base with paprika in the style of patatas bravas, and adding manchego cheese. Explore an Indian take by sprinkling in fresh paneer, peas, and onions instead.

You can also accommodate dietary restrictions by including more swaps. For example, the cheesy flavor of nutritional yeast can replace dairy for the lactose-intolerant and vegan crowds, and shredded jackfruit is a great meat substitute for vegetarians who still want a similar texture. No matter how you upgrade your Irish nachos, using potatoes as a starting point will allow for a hardy, flexible, and fun meal that can be enjoyed by you and your guests.