Fried Eggs Are The Pizza Topping You Didn't Know You Needed

Pizza for breakfast? Of course. It's a thing. A slice left over from last night's takeout is a perfectly acceptable grab-and-go breakfast. It might not be as popular as an egg sandwich, but it's certainly something we've all done. Ever considered combining the two — egg and pizza — by dropping a fried egg on top of a fresh, hot pie? In some parts of the world, the combination is commonplace. Although not as widely known in the U.S. (yet) celebrity chef and cookbook author Bobby Flay is a fan. In fact, he's shared his own recipe for Margherita pizza with a perfectly fried egg with Food Network.

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart is also on board with the trend, albeit in more traditional "brunchy" combinations like pesto, cheese, and egg or steak and egg skillet pizza. And it's basically the Italian pizza version of Mexico's huevos rancheros, a savory blend of eggs, tomatoes, and beans often served on a tortilla. It's beginning to sound pretty good now, isn't it? Fans swear the rich combination of warm, runny yolk seeping into the sauce and cheese is magical. And the crust is perfect for mopping up every last bit.

What's old is new again

Dropping an egg on pizza isn't a new concept, but — like pineapple and anchovies – it can be a controversial choice at your local pizzeria. But it's authentic. In Italy, pizza capricciosa (pizza on a whim) is topped with any variety of ingredients and crowned with an egg just before it goes into the oven. Fried eggs are also a common pizza topping in France, where they are either cooked into the pizza or fried separately and dropped sunny side up on top right before serving. 

When cooking, some say the eggs should be a late addition to the pie, cracked on top when the pizza is about halfway done and cooked until the egg whites are set. It is also recommended that one's eggs be at room temperature.

If you're looking to switch things up, experiment with different seasonings or swap fried eggs for scrambled or hard-boiled eggs. And if you simply must go with raw eggs right from the start, use a pre-baked crust to avoid a soggy finished product.