Why Disney's Lamplight Lounge Is A Can't-Miss For Foodies

If you've got a day — or a few days — of fun planned at Disney's California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, you may be consigned to the fact that your food options are going to be limited to usual amusement park fare. While they certainly have that in spades, savvy park attendees know they can also head to one of the park's higher-end eateries and get a more elevated Disney dining experience. When it comes to park food, one of the most in-the-know individuals out there is California Adventure's Culinary Director Jeremiah Balogh. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, we asked him where he loves to dine in the park's confines.

"My favorite restaurant is Lamplight Lounge," says Balogh. "The immersive storytelling and branding in the location, along with the talented cast members, make this a fun place to get away. And, of course, the food! My goodness, the food is just great."

Located on the park's Pixar Pier, Lamplight Lounge offers "gastropub cuisine" and cocktails in a setting themed around Disney's Pixar productions and characters. While dining, guests can take in concept art, collectible character toys, and more created by Pixar artists.

Exciting flavors in an artistic environment

Though there are plenty of sights and sounds to take in, Disney wants the food to be the star attraction at all of its restaurants and Lamplight Lounge does not disappoint. The menu is as eclectic as the films the restaurant celebrates; dishes are pulled from cuisines of the world while still remaining approachable. For lunch and dinner, guests can try disparate fare like Lobster Nachos and Kung Pao Bao alongside Roasted Chicken and a Pastrami-spice Impossible Burger. At brunch, Lamplight offers Indulgent French Toast, a signature Chilaquiles, and a Mini Brunch Burger for "Budding Artists," AKA kids.

If all that seems like a lot to take in, California Adventure's Culinary Director Jeremiah Balogh has told us his secret to getting the most out of dining at Disney's parks and resorts: bring food-loving friends and family members. "Remember those friends and family members I mentioned? You'll need them because you'll want to try everything on the menu and save room for the seasonal donuts," he advises.

Just because this is Disney's California Adventure doesn't mean that everything here is for the kids. Lamplight Lounge also serves up some serious mixed drinks that could rival some of the hippest mixology spots around. Here, Balogh has you covered with a can't-miss suggestion for a summer sipper. The "Final with a Fix" combines reposado tequila, raspberry liqueur, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and mezcal for a slightly smoky, but ultimately refreshing beverage to cap off the perfect Disney day.