The Tastiest Beer Pairing For Barbecue Potato Chips

Cold craft beer and a bowl of barbecue potato chips just might embody the perfect snack time experience; a cold beer to quench your thirst on a hot day, and a bag of barbecue potato chips to provide that irresistible salty crunch bite after bite. Separately, they're still satisfying, of course, but together, this unlikely pairing can create a flavor explosion for your taste buds.

While you may consider reaching into the fridge for any old brew, there are two styles of beer that are particularly well-suited for this snack combo: stouts and porters. Stouts and porters are originally English-style ales, similar in that the are both dark, full-bodied brews — porters are generally the lighter of the two — though they have a handful of different tasting notes and alcohol content. They might not be the first beers to jump into your mind when you consider beer and snack pairings to satisfy the munchies. However, the complex, bold flavor profiles of stouts and porters make these beers perfect for complimenting the equally robust flavors of barbecue potato chips.

Stouts and porters bring out the bold flavors of barbecue chips

The difference between a textbook stout and a porter can be minimal, but the most discernible differences are the mouthfeel, alcohol content, and tasting notes. Stouts are often fuller-bodied brews and express malty flavors of coffee, smoke, and caramel. On the other hand, porters have a lighter mouthfeel, present more of a chocolate-malty character, and have a lower alcohol by volume content in comparison. With either style, nonetheless, you can expect bold, rich flavors that carry strong bittersweet notes.

When either is sipped alongside the crunch of a tangy, sweet, smoky barbecue potato chip, stouts and porters complement these characteristics nicely. The acidity of the beer is complemented by the sweetness in barbecue base, while the dark, spiced and smoky flavor notes of the beers play off the molasses or smokiness found in barbecue seasoning. Plus, the salty potato chips can cut through some of the beers richness. Overall, we think it's a match made in heaven. 

While several varieties of stouts and porters with their own unique characteristics exist, you can surely count on either of these styles to take your snack time experience to the next level.