Four Roses Distillery Refreshes Its Look And Releases A Rare Recipe Kit

Four Roses Distillery, known for making quality bourbon since 1888, has just launched a new aesthetic on its bottles and website. This is the first visual brand refresh the company has had in nearly 20 years, and the new look pays homage to the distillery's 135-year legacy, Four Roses announced in a press release.

The brand's signature logo — four roses, a nod to the brand's founding inspiration of a romantic four-rose corsage — remains, but with a renewed three-dimensional look. Consumers will also notice that the label is brighter and has an elegant gilded edge, pairing nicely with the company's name in a classic, storybook font written in black and gold. 

The label's new additions also include Master Distiller Brent Elliott's signature, as well as tasting notes on the back. Last but not least, fans of Four Roses will be touched to find a delicate engraving of four roses on the cork of each bottle. This smooth and elevated aesthetic has been used to update the distillery's website, creating a brighter design to match the rebranding.

The Ten Recipe Tasting Experience

To celebrate the new look, Four Roses is releasing a limited-time tasting kit called The Ten Recipe Tasting Experience. The kit features sampler bottles of each of Four Roses' 10 unique recipes, made using its five proprietary yeast strains and two mash bills. The kit comes with a scannable QR code, which leads the customer to a tasting video lead by Master Distiller Brent Elliott.

Across each of the recipes, bourbon lovers will taste unique flavor profiles such as rye and baking spice, rich fruit and vanilla, delicate grain and floral notes, as well as light grain and mint. Those who make the trek to the Four Roses Visitor Centers in Lawrenceburg and Coxs Creek, Kentucky can purchase the kit at a retail price of $129.99 beginning on June 30. In the middle of July, the kit will be available at specific locations in California, Kentucky, Georgia, and Illinois.