Freeze Canned Coconut Milk To Boost The Texture Of Iced Coffee

Canned coconut milk in iced coffee can be a delicious twist to your morning or afternoon beverage routine. It adds a wonderfully creamy element with a tropical vibe to your java, but if you are going to add this dairy-free ingredient to your chilled coffee, you should consider freezing it. Iced coffee quickly becomes diluted as the ice cubes melt. And while you may not notice the change in flavor during those first few sips, you will with the last. Turning coconut milk into iced cubes will change your iced coffee experience.

Coconut milk is comprised primarily of coconut extract and water, which makes it perfect for freezing. It's important that you shake the can before popping it open because its contents tend to separate. In fact, if you don't shake your coconut milk before opening it, you may discover there are different layers of ingredients with heavier water bolstering what looks like a mass of creamy coconut. 

Skip light coconut milk

To transform your can of coconut milk into ice cubes, simply pour it into your ice cube tray and place it in the freezer for three to four hours. Once frozen, pop them out and add them to your coffee and enjoy. The light, creamy taste, and natural sweetness will slowly infuse into your coffee as you drink it. If you are feeling inspired by the caffeine and culinary gods, you can also mix in some fruit with your coconut milk or even some chocolate and freeze it to create a sweet treat.

If you are wondering whether you want sweetened coconut milk or unsweetened to create your ice cubes, the choice is really based on your personal preference. Some say sweetened coconut milk can be too sweet, and therefore, it is easier to add sugar or the sweetener of your choice. But when choosing between full-fat and light coconut milk, you may want to skip the light version. It can taste more watery than creamy.