The Easy Trick For Identifying The Freshest Berries At The Store

Fresh fruits can be a luxury. Let's face it, they aren't cheap. That's why no one wants to walk out of a grocery store only to discover at home that the blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries they've purchased are a mushy, moldy mess the next day. If you are a member of the consumer club that frequently encounters this challenge, you will be excited to learn there is an easy trick for identifying the freshest berries before you even get to the check-out lane. 

One Instagram user can relate to these berry woes. She posted a video for her followers sharing that when her husband purchases these fruits, they tend to "last so much longer and taste so much better than the ones that [she] buy[s]." However, she discovered the trick he uses and is sharing it with the world so we can all pick out the best of the best. "I finally found out his secret is that he flips them over and buys whichever ones don't stick to the bottom of the carton," she reveals.

Moisture is the enemy

Turning over cartons of berries sounds quite simple, so why does this trick work? You've probably heard the phrase "one bad apple spoils the bunch," and the same is true with berries. If you spot a berry in a carton that is starting to grow some of that white hairy mold that is synonymous with spoiled food, chances are other berries that come into contact with the one will start to grow mold soon thereafter.  

This is due to the large water and sugar content of these fruits. The combination creates the perfect environment for bacteria and molds to grow and spread. When berries start to break down, they become mushy which in turn causes them to stick to the bottom of their containers. Therefore, when you find a container full of berries that don't stick, you've struck fruity gold. On the flip side, if you do find mold growing on your berries, do not eat them, no matter what kind they are. Moldy strawberries can make you sick or even cause an allergic reaction.