The Inspiration Behind Tiffani Thiessen's Newest Cookbook - Exclusive

Tiffani Thiessen may be better known to the world as an actress, but at home, she's most beloved as the family cook. Thiessen is just as passionate in the kitchen as she is behind the camera, and she derives that love for food directly from her family, whether it's from childhood meals or cooking for her husband and children today. She shared that love with the world with the release of her first cookbook in 2018, "Pull Up A Chair: Recipes from My Family to Yours." Now, she's gearing up to welcome fans into her kitchen once more with the upcoming launch of her second cookbook, "Here We Go Again: Recipes and Inspiration to Level Up Your Leftovers." 

Thiessen opened up about what's behind this new book while chatting exclusively with social media star Nick DiGiovanni on a recent episode of Tasting Table's "Shared Tastes" series. This time around, Thiessen is offering up her most creative strategies for repurposing leftovers. And this newest collection of recipes is once again inspired by her family. While her first published compendium draws on recipes inspired by older generations, the second one is focused on her children. "Now that I have children, my biggest thing is teaching my kids about waste," she said. In a quickly changing global climate, making conscious decisions to repurpose ingredients can accumulate in drastic differences.

Tiffani Thiessen is giving love to leftovers in her newest cookbook

In "Here We Go Again," Thiessen devises strategies that are not only creative but delicious, too. And she even shared some favorites in her household. "I think [what] my kids love the most is ... I make these cereal milk bars. They're like ice cream bars, but they're from leftover cereal," she explained. Other recipes you'll find in the book include breakfast sandwiches made with leftover pizza, leftover mashed potato dumplings, and hearty spaghetti pie. 

Such hands-on recipes ignite the communal fun in reusing food, diminishing the association of waste being gross, and getting both kids and adults alike more excited to utilize everything in the fridge. Not to mention, approaching food with such playfulness keeps cooking light-hearted, which helps when the monotony of weeknight cooking kicks in. So join the fun by picking up a copy of Thiessen's book once it hits the shelves.

Click here to pre-order "Here We Go Again: Recipes and Inspiration to Level Up Your Leftovers," available on September 26. Follow the latest from Tiffani Thiessen on Instagram.