One Reason Your Starbucks Order Is Always Expensive

Standing in a bustling Starbucks with a freshly grande customized Betty White Frappuccino in hand, you glance at your receipt agape. It's nearly $10 for one drink! Scratching your head, a twinge of confusion washes over you as you wonder why your Starbucks order is so expensive.

Well, here's one illuminating reason. That Betty White Frappuccino, just like other unofficial drinks on Starbucks' secret menu, is meticulously crafted and loaded with add-ons. This drink, in particular, flaunts two distinct syrups — vanilla and hazelnut, complemented by a decadent drizzle of caramel and spoonfuls of caramel crunch topping. Topped off with a luxurious mountain of whipped cream (which thankfully didn't add to the cost), the final product mirrors the late legend's iconic hairstyle — just as you requested. 

Let's break down the costs. We recently ordered a Betty White Frappuccino, starting with a grande white chocolate mocha frappuccino for a base price of $5.65, then added the syrups (+$0.80), the caramel drizzle (+$0.60), substituted the milk with coconut milk (+$0.70), and added caramel crunch topping (+$0.50). With tax (+ $0.23 in Washington state), our final bill was $9.08. So you see, add-ons are among the factors that can sneakily inflate your final bill. 

Other tricks to save on costs

Cost-saving alternatives exist at Starbucks, but you may have to say adieu to highly-customized drinks. Ordering classic menu items, taking advantage of seasonal promotions, using your rewards points, or switching to smaller sizes can help keep your coffee budget in check if your Starbucks order is always expensive. An eco-friendly step, like bringing reusable cups, can also shave a few cents (about 10) off your coffee bill.

While navigating the alluring Starbucks secret menu can be fun and thrilling, remember this thrill often comes with a higher price. Regular Starbucks patrons might find it beneficial to balance the enjoyment of personalizing their drink and the added expense it incurs.

So the next time Starbucks' secret menu siren call tempts you, keep this trade-off in mind. Now you're equipped to relish the flavor of your customized drink minus the shock of an astronomical price.