Cold Brew Pods Are An Easy Solution For Quick Coffee Without A Machine

Let's face it: We could always use that extra caffeine kick. And while going out to a coffee shop is an enjoyable method of attaining that extra jolt, sometimes it's not in the cards. Of course, there's a dizzying number of ways to brew at home; however, that still requires some investment, whether in the utilized machinery, time, or both. So we've got a new hassle-free coffee to throw in the mix — cold brew pods. 

These are perfect for when the temperature starts climbing and are as easy to concoct as instant coffee but with better flavor. Simply add the pod to a cup of room temperature water, then infuse it in the fridge overnight. It takes some extra planning, but the kicker here is that the coffee is already done in the morning by the time you wake up. Plus, it can be batched, meaning there's enough to go around. So how exactly do these brew pods work?

Cold brew pods offer a delicious balanced flavor

Such cold brew pods replicate the process of making a cold brew from scratch but without room for error and less time put in. For starters, the coffee grind size, ratio, and flavors are precisely tested, meaning the cup's balance won't go awry. And unlike a cold brew machine that takes up to 12 or 24 hours of steeping time, pods only need up to four hours to extract flavor.

As for the taste, expect floral notes, a thick body, and minimal bitter and acidic flavors. With a selection of purveyors such as French Truck Coffee and Chameleon Cold-Brew, you can tailor the palate to your taste — select between a dark roast or something more fruity. And if you're used to drinking coffee with milk, pods still got you covered on that, too. They mesh seamlessly with normal and alternative milks, making a result reminiscent of an iced latte. 

Since they are sold in smaller packages, it's not as big of a commitment as a whole jug. If you're feeling extra cheeky, you can always infuse the leftovers into a cocktail.