How Many Michelin Stars David Chang's Restaurants Actually Have

Chef David Chang has built a food empire, which started with his 2004 launch of Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City. He built on his success with another New York restaurant, Momofuku Ssäm Bar two years later. And Chang debuted what has become his most critically acclaimed restaurant concept, Momofuku Ko, in 2008. In addition to his New York restaurants, he now operates restaurants in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Toronto.

Momofuku Ko has become the crown jewel in Chang's operation, which quickly became a dining sensation with its inventive tasting menu and extremely limited seating — initially, just 12 diners could try Chang's cuisine at a time. The vision behind the food at Ko takes inspiration from seasonal ingredients as well as the Japanese tradition of a multicourse dinner. The year following the launch, the restaurant earned Chang two Michelin stars for its remarkable offerings. The restaurant has been able to maintain its rating since then, and these two stars are the only ones that Chang has received to date. 

Chang has two Michelin stars so far

While Momofuku Ko, which sits in the heart of NYC's Bowery district, is the only one of Chang's restaurants that can claim any Michelin stars, it's an amazing feat considering the fierce competition it faces in the city. The criteria used by the Michelin Guide include the quality of ingredients, the culinary skills displayed, and how the chef's identity is reflected in the food. Restaurants are visited by anonymous critics who judge the consistency of the meals over time and also whether the dishes are a good value. 

Chang's two Michelin stars put him in the elite company of other world-renowned chefs. Momofuku Ko shares the honor of having more than a single star with only 11 other restaurants in the city, including Daniel Boulud's, Daniel and Jean-Georges Vongerichten's similarly self-titled establishment, Jean-Georges. Just five restaurants in the city have earned the coveted three-star rating, including Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, and Per Se. We'll have to see if Momofuku Ko can one day find its way into the good graces of the three-star club as well.