Takis Releases Dragon Sweet Chili Chips In US After Canadian Success

While the mix of sweet and spicy elements is a staple flavor profile in the culinary world — think fruity hot sauces like mango habanero, sweet chili sauces, or sweet and spicy chile chicken wings – this winning flavor combination is a new trend developing in the U.S. snack food industry, according to Food Business News . The latest evidence for this craze is the appearance of a new flavor – Takis Dragon Sweet Chili – of its beloved spicy rolled tortilla chip snack in the United States. The snack company's move to roll out the new flavor stateside isn't much of a surprise considering the popularity it has enjoyed in Canada; the flavor just won Canada's 2022 Product of the Year award. 

The combination of sweet and spicy, sometimes called "swicy," is often found in snack foods that combine the flavors of chiles with honey, chocolate, and sweet citrus. Takis, a brand of Barcel USA, made a slight departure from this formula in their original Fuego flavor, which is boldly flavored with red chili peppers and lime and leans into tangy and spicy flavors rather than sweet. However, the brand's new Dragon Sweet Chili chips kick up the sweetness and along with the addition of paprika and cayenne pepper to amp up the sweet heat and properly bring the swicy.

A Taki that offers sweet heat

By adding sugar to spice, Takis is slightly de-emphasizing the spiciness of Dragon Sweet Chili in favor of balance. The brand rates the original Fuego snacks as "extreme" on its heat meter, while Dragon Sweet Chili tortillas are downgraded to just "hot." Still, by the language of its press release, Takis is counting that the new sweet and spicy version will prove to be an irresistible flavor profile.

Sandra Kirkpatrick, Marketing Director for Takis, said "Dragon Sweet Chili offers fans and consumers an intensely sweet bite with a ferocious kick of spice ..."

Takis is making Dragon Sweet Chili snacks available in two sizes: 90 and 280 grams. Dragon Sweet Chili snacks are available online, carried by Amazon and Instacart as well as in brick-and-mortar grocery retailers like Walmart. While it is not yet known what Takis' domestic distribution of the product will look like specifically, it's a pretty sure bet they'll accompany other Takis snacks in stores like Target, 7-Eleven, and other gas station and convenience store chains. Look for the snack's unmistakable packaging, which features a neon dragon holding a rolled tortilla chip snack in its mouth.