The Quick Trick For Preventing Butter From Sliding On Its Dish

Butter is beautiful, especially on your morning toast or slathered onto the bread of your soon-to-be grilled cheese. But not everyone likes to use spreadable butter in a tub for these culinary staples. Spreadable butter is not pure butter, so although it is soft and pliable, it doesn't taste the same. Meanwhile, butter, with its denser, firmer texture, has the fuller-fat flavor we all love, but with its own downfall: Staying on a plate.

Spreading cold butter has its perils, but allow a bit of this churned cream to set out and soften up for 10 minutes and it can work equally as well for these yummy tasks. It even tastes better; But if you find this golden smooth bar of butter slip sliding away off the plate where it rests, you are not alone. Luckily, there is a quick trick you can use to ensure it stays in place and uses nothing more than your microwave. Simply put a microwave-safe plate in this small appliance for about a minute. Then set the stick of butter back on the plate, and the butter will melt ever so slightly until it bonds itself to the plate. 

Run the plate under hot water

If you don't have a microwave, there's another way to keep your butter stationary, and all it requires is some hot water from the tap. This trick is similar to the microwave hack in that it only takes about one minute — and because a warm plate is key to its success. However, with this tip, you don't have to worry about the dish being microwave-safe.

Simply place the plate under a stream of hot water in your kitchen sink, and the dish will warm up. Dry it off and then place your stick of butter on the dish. You will find that the butter will melt just a bit. Place the plate with the softened butter back in the fridge and it will solidify and adhere to the plate, eliminating all that sliding back and forth.