Add Hard-Boiled Eggs To Loaded Sweet Potatoes For A Breakfast Twist

If you're looking to power start your day with a nutritious breakfast that you have yet to grow tired of (we see you, oatmeal eaters), the combination of sweet potatoes and eggs can keep you satiated until the lunch hour. Upgrade your basic servings of boiled eggs with a baked sweet potato. You can reheat last night's leftover sides in the oven and top the steaming spuds with a hard-boiled egg. Think of giving yourself the gift of a loaded baked potato served sweet potato-style before you set off to take on the day.

Baking eggs in a halved sweet potato can offer a similar boost, and when topped with salt, pepper, paprika, or your favorite chopped fresh herbs, you're in for a solid meal that will have you leaving the breakfast table feeling like you can take on the day's activities with an extra dose of energetic stamina.

A rich flavor combination for breakfast

Once you've tried the satisfying combination of sweet potatoes and eggs, you can experiment with different cooking styles. Make omelets, frittatas, and egg scrambles, then season each recipe to your heart's content. Shredded parmesan cheese can make an excellent topping, and drizzles of hot sauce can be the finishing touch your breakfast needs. To create a richer breakfast dish, use clarified butter to add an earthy depth to your morning recipes.

If you're in a hurry, microwave sweet potatoes for quicker preparation, then top your favorite sweet potato recipes with gooey, fried eggs or chopped pieces of boiled eggs. To ease into the flavor combination, ready yourself for the hearty duo by topping two-ingredient sweet potato pancakes with over-easy eggs, or make a sweet potato soufflé with an egg garnish. Once you've experimented with pairing sweet potatoes and eggs, your breakfast spreads are destined for a serious upgrade.