Why Starbucks Baristas Disliked The Fan-Favorite S'mores Frappuccino

As delicious as Starbucks' S'mores Frappuccino might be, the recipe can be a bit more complex than other coffee drink orders and not every barista is thrilled about having to make one. For instance, this particular drink has to be uniquely made for each customer, starting with whipped cream that is blended with marshmallows. Once the marshmallow-flavored ingredient has been used, employees must scramble to make more the next time an order is placed.

The s'mores creation itself is made up of flavored layers and baristas must carefully stack chocolate sauce and vanilla frappuccino before crowning the cup with whipped cream and sprinkles of crushed graham crackers. It takes time to assemble and make, with one worker describing the experience as a "nightmare" to Insider. So as delicious as this drink might be, it's one of those orders you may want to consider tipping your barista extra for putting together.

When a coffee order takes time

If the S'mores Frappuccino coffee recipe isn't complicated enough, drinks that are customized to be made with non-dairy milk can pose even more challenges for a busy barista. Once a milk alternative comes into play, employees have to reach for a different pitcher and watch carefully should the drink call for steamed or frothed milk. Add this extra step to an already complicated drink order, and it is no wonder some of the Starbucks team members are reluctant to start making these when a customer line has formed in their stores.

If you're craving the taste of s'mores in your morning coffee and don't want to head to the busy coffee shop, you can put your own frozen drink together at home. To recreate the base of the Starbucks version Izzy Cooking notes that you'll need ice cubes, whole-fat milk, marshmallow fluff, chilled espresso, cocoa powder, and granulated sugar. Then for the marshmallow-infused whipped cream, you'll need heavy cream, icing sugar, and more marshmallow fluff and then you'll top it off with chocolate sauce and crumbled graham crackers. Then, after mixing your own marshmallow cream and layering a drink for yourself, you'll appreciate the work of your neighborhood baristas that much more.