Beyond Meat Debuts Revamped Sausage In Time For Summer Grilling

The summer grilling season is an anxiety-inducing time for those who choose not to eat meat. From hot dogs to burgers and kebabs to wings, and from the Fourth of July to Memorial Day, tradition shows that most summer get-togethers revolve around the grill, which nine times out of 10 has meat on it. But, with its development of some of the most cutting-edge meat alternatives on the market, Beyond Meat is changing the status quo.

Products like the Beyond Burger have become a household name, convincing even the most suspecting of carnivores that maybe, just maybe, meat alternatives are worthy of space on the grill. Only now, with the debut of the new and improved plant-based sausages, Beyond Meat is taking that sentiment a step further — proving to Tasting Table staff that the revamped Beyond Bratwurst and Hot Italian Sausages are shockingly better than pork links.

With less fat, an even juicier and meatier texture, and the addition of aromatic spices, Beyond Meat's reinvention of its plant-based brats and sausages are here just in time for summer grilling. And they could just take the place of your typical pork links, whether you're a meat-eater or not.

Beyond sausages offer more protein and less saturated fat

Beyond Meat's new sausages are made from the same elements that all Beyond products are made from: protein, fats, carbs, minerals, and flavors. Using a blend of peas and brown rice and fats like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and expeller-pressed canola oil, Beyond Meat's sausages deliver more protein than your average pork link with 40% less saturated fat. Plus, with the addition of seasonings like onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika, the new plant-based sausages have an enhanced flavor profile that, unlike a typical pork link, doesn't get overpowered by an excess of fat.  

The revamped sausages deliver in texture too. Tasting Table staff found that the sausages' casings, which are made from alginate, a compound derived from brown algae, are more effective at containing the flavorful fats found within them, creating a flavor and texture that is strikingly similar to meat. Alginite casings are just one example of why kelp makes such a great meat substitute, providing a consistency that mimics the popping sensation of biting into an animal-based casing that browns the same way meat does on the grill. 

Vegan-approved by the Vegetarian Society, Halal certified by the Islamic Services of America, OK Kosher certified, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO, Beyond Meat's Bratwurst and Hot Italian Sausages will satisfy more than just the plant-based and flexitarian people at your next grilling party. Perfect on everything from hot dog buns to pizza and pasta, the new plant-based sausages are now available at all major retailers nationwide.