Why David Chang Is A Huge Fan Of Microwave Cooking

Some chefs really detest the microwave oven, claiming that it doesn't heat evenly and it is impossible to get a good sear with the device. But other chefs see the microwave as an important tool in their food preparation arsenal. David Chang, the mastermind behind the popular Momofuku restaurants, thinks that people don't use this functional gadget enough.

As Chang explained to People, "The microwave is really future technology, and I love how simple and healthy microwave cooking can be." He believes that cooking at home should be easy and fast, and that the microwave is a great way to streamline making your meals. 

For microwave skeptics, Chang suggests starting with vegetables. "You'll be amazed at how perfectly and fast they cook, all while staying crisp and delicious," he told Architectural Digest. The microwave does a great job of steaming broccoli, and it can speed up the process of making one of America's most beloved side dishes — mashed potatoes. Potatoes cook way faster in the microwave than boiling them in water on the stovetop.

You can cook nearly anything in the microwave

Chang has made it his mission these past few years to challenge the many misconceptions about microwave cooking. In one of his YouTube videos, he showed how home cooks can prepare bacon (minus the spatter) in the mighty appliance by layering slices between paper towels. He also likes to use it to make steamed mussels and to cook chicken thighs.

There's practically no food or dish Chang won't experiment with cooking in the microwave; he even made a birthday cake for his son using one. He's such a microwave devotee that he developed a line of cookware called Anyday that's specially designed for this appliance. The cooking dishes have special venting lids that allow the steam to remain in and circulate throughout the container while the food cooks, preventing one of the common complaints of microwave cooking — that it's prone to drying food out.