Boursin Releases Limited Edition Black Truffle & Sea Salt Cheese

Boursin, a brand of Gournay cheese, has long been a delicious shortcut to dreamy pasta sauces and crave-worthy dips with its smooth texture and herbaceous flavor. It can even be the cheesy base for a twist on the internet-famous butter board. Now, fans of the creamy and crumbly charms of Boursin cheese now have the opportunity to try it with a prized luxe ingredient: black truffle. 

Boursin has announced a special limited edition Black Truffle & Sea Salt cheese, promising earthy notes of truffle and balanced with a touch of salt. This combination comes in addition to the cheese's classic tangy base of cow's milk and a bit of parsley. According to a press release, this summery cheese is currently available at select stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99. So what should you make with this limited edition cheese? Boursin has a few recommendations for your dinner and party plans.   

Make the most of this truffle-tinged cheese

Pull out your favorite flatbread recipe and top it with plenty of Boursin crumbles — its recipe in question pairs the rich truffle flavor with earthy Brussels sprouts, crispy bacon, and nutty walnuts. If you'd rather take the cheese down the snack route, another option is to use your Black Truffle & Sea Salt Boursin to top golden slices of rich polenta cake alongside dried cherries and crunchy pistachios. Easier yet, you can pair that deeply savory truffle essence with the sweetness of sun-dried tomatoes for an epically creamy dip for your favorite raw veggies. 

Or, keep it simple and let the Boursin shine solo on a cheese board with plenty of crackers or toasted bread slices. You could even make it the star of a black truffle-themed board, with the Boursin front and center and accompanied by truffle honey, truffle foie gras, and other truffle-scented condiments.