The Type Of Taco That Travels Best For Delivery

Imagine that you've just opened a delivery bag and carefully unwrapped the tacos or burrito order you've been looking forward to devouring, only to discover it's not in the condition you hoped for. Dismayed, you peel back the paper wrapping to see piles of soggy, goey tacos beneath layers of shredded lettuce, juicy meat, and chunky salsa. Rest assured that your dinner does not have to be this way and your next order of takeout or delivery can, in fact, be a much more crunchy and pleasant affair.

Knowing which taco order to place can up your chances of chowing down on a meal that is more satisfying. If you order meals made with soft flour and corn tortillas, they will likely arrive in a better condition than if you have your heart set on dishes made with crispy, fried tortilla shells. By the time your order reaches your house, the fried base of a crunchy salad shell could become saturated by sauce and juices from the rest of your order, which could leave you with a soggy mess. 

How to order strategically order to get the crunch you desire

Should you have your heart set on enjoying crunchy taco shells for tonight's dinner and want it delivered, you just have to order it a specific way. Whether it is a loaded chicken taco salad or a stacked pile of nachos made with crispy, fried tortilla chips, ask your favorite restaurant to separate out the sauce, toppings, and other ingredients so you can assemble the meal for yourself at home. If necessary, you can also give tortillas and chips a quick flash in a hot pan before adding your desired amount of meats, cheeses, salsas, and salsas.

When you place your next delivery order in a strategic way, you can be on your way to enjoying a meal that is satisfying not only in taste but also in texture. As you binge-watch your latest show, you may be convinced that your delivery tastes just as good a dish served at the restaurant itself, instead of being eaten on the couch at home.