The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Away A Nearly Empty Jar Of Salsa

There's nothing quite as tantalizing as the pressurized "pop" of a sealed salsa jar, revealing a full jar of delicious Mexican sauce. Scoop after scoop, you can savor the balanced blend of tomatoes, peppers, and spices down to the last possible heap. After enjoying this snack, it would almost make sense to discard the remaining dregs that cling to the insides of the container — the last few drops that you just can't seem to reach with a chip. But, before you race to the recycling bin, consider taking those final flavorful drops of salsa from scraps to scrumptious all while minimizing food waste.

Rather than search for a utensil that fits perfectly inside the crevices of the jar, or worse, let those last bits go to waste, there's a simple dish you can make that will utilize the flavor from those remaining drops of salsa and repurpose the glass vessel as a mixing bowl at the same time — it's scrambled eggs! This approach will not only spare you from dirtying up another dish but also opens up a world of possibilities to improve a simple recipe that could use a little extra burst of flavor.

Use salsa remnants to make flavorful scrambled eggs

Whether you prefer green or red, spicy or tangy, chunky or thin, the remnants of your favorite salsa just might be the missing ingredient to spice up a basic scrambled egg or omelet recipe. Simply crack a few eggs straight into the jar before stirring or shaking to blend them with the salsa mixture and salvage all of that leftover flavor. Then, add the mixture to the skillet to cook to your desired doneness. While these breakfast options can be delicious on their own, this small step takes the recipe up a notch, especially if you're using a chunkier salsa with chopped components. Finish off your creation with cilantro, crushed red pepper flakes, cheese, or any other desired toppings for even more flavor or an added kick of spice. 

No matter which preparation method makes those tastebuds tingle, you can rest easy knowing you savored the salsa down to the last drop and eliminated unnecessary food waste in the process.