Partanna, The Family-Owned Olive Oil Used In Starbucks' Oleato Line

Since expanding across the U.S., Starbucks' Oleato lineup has garnered some significant buzz — yet still, not much has been said about the olive oil itself. Inspired by the Italian tradition of starting each morning with a spoonful of olive oil, the coffee giant's former CEO, Howard Schultz, took the opportunity to step into the Bulletproof coffee trend by adding the healthy fats found in olive oil to their signature drinks — only the Oleato lineup does it with a distinctly Italian flare.

Sourced from Partanna, a family-owned farm located in Southwestern Sicily, the olive oil used in the Oleato line gives your everyday latte, espresso, or cold brew an essence of European class. Like a summer spent on the Mediterranean coast or a drive through the Sicilian countryside, the Oleato line is a small taste of the Italian lifestyle. With just a dash of Partanna's cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil, your Starbucks drink serves as a reminder to slow down and take it all in.

Described as rich, nutty, buttery, and vibrant, Partanna has been listed on the NYIOOC's Official Guide to the World's Best Olive Oils on numerous occasions. The quality in each bottle is undeniable — and it all starts with where it comes from and how it's made.

Born out of 3,000 years of tradition

Named for the town it's produced in, Partanna olive oil began in 1916 when Antonio Asaro established The Asaro Family Farm. There, in Valle del Belice, Sicily, was where he and his family began tending to the olive trees native to the region, unknowingly embarking on what would become five generations of tradition. While the family credits a lot of their olive oil's quality to the abundance of rain, warm winds, healthy soil, and Mediterranean sunshine in their homeland, it's the care and passion that they put into looking after it that has made Partanna, and the Asaro name, legendary.

The history of the land that The Asaro Family Farm operates on is rich. Not only is it said to be the birthplace of the Nocellara del Belice (or castelvetrano) olive — a bright green variety that holds nearly 3,000 years of tradition — but it is the birthplace of the people who have grown them for hundreds of years. The Asaro family recognizes that history and preserves it through farming methods. Without the use of GMOs or chemical pesticides, The Asaro Family Farm is a fully sustainable, farm-to-table operation. It's their honor for the land that gives Partanna olive oil its unmistakable character.

Picked by hand and cold-pressed right there on their mill, the Asaro family utilizes generations of experience to oversee each step of the process — ensuring each bottle of Partanna olive oil meets the standard that is at the heart of the Oleato line.