The Menu Ordering Method That Will Save You Money And Boredom

Don't let a restaurant's menu layout trick you. Just because food items are listed in a particular order doesn't mean you need to be swayed by the dishes you see, and traditional serving times needn't dictate your ordering decisions. Choosing dishes from the appetizer menu, regardless of the time of day, can be an easy way to save money while sampling a variety of flavors from the menu in your hands. Particularly when dining in groups, ordering a collection of appetizers to share among friends can ensure you taste more recipes without having to shell out the same amount of cash as you might when ordering several different entrées. Plus, smaller serving sizes leave room for additional orders should you feel peckish after the first round of plates is cleared.

Not every establishment is trying to milk you dry when it comes to your wallet. As Chef Barry Dindyal of Fusion Bar & Restaurant in D.C. tells the Washington Post, "I really want to give people something special at a lower price. Not everyone can afford the entree-size portion." 

Keeping restaurant meals affordable and interesting

If you are looking for other menu hacks to offset restaurant costs and give your mouth a flavorful dining adventure, side dishes can also be used to supplement orders and build meals. Because side items are usually priced cheaper than main dishes, a collection of different orders can lead to a meal that is varied, healthy, and affordable. 

Depending on the restaurant in which you find yourself dining, appetizers and first courses can be hearty enough to quell hunger pangs without you needing to open your pocketbook to a fully-priced main dish. Select a few appetizers to begin with, and add to your order if necessary. With your out-to-eat strategy set in place, you may find yourself feeling full and satisfied after ordering a handful of items off of the appetizer menu, and your wallet will be equally contented with your carefully-made dining decisions.