Insomnia's Cookie-Packed Ice Cream Is Hitting Stores Nationwide

Just in time for the hot days of summer, beloved cookie company Insomnia Cookies has announced that its ice cream line, called Cookies IN Ice Cream, is now available in more than 220 of its over 240 locations nationwide. This collection of ice cream flavors — plus one limited-time creation — is made using Insomnia Cookies' own delicious ice cream formula and is enhanced by mixing in different company-made cookies.

Insomnia Cookies was founded in 2003 in a college dorm room, which eventually led to its first store and changing up the bakery scene by staying open late at night, catering to people with an after-hours sweet tooth. When it added ice cream to the roster at select locations last year, it was a big hit. The exact new flavor list will vary depending on location, but be sure to stop by a store near you on June 21 — Insomnia Cookies will give you a free scoop of ice cream with any purchase.

The flavor line-up

What's better to start out the flavor line-up than with the classics? Chocolate and Vanilla are two of the premium ice creams getting scooped up at Insomnia Cookies. But if you're a chocolate lover, there are several other flavors that will call your name, starting with the Dreamweaver — this is a s'mores purple ice cream with swirls of fudge and Double Chocolate Chunk cookies mixed in. Those same Double Chocolate Chunk cookies make their way into the Cookies 'N Dream flavor on top of a base of vanilla pudding ice cream. 

Peanut Butter Insomniac Tracks also uses vanilla pudding ice cream but adds fudge swirls, peanut butter cups, and Deluxe Peanut Butter Cup cookies. Double Chocolate Mint cookies are mixed into mint ice cream to make Minterstellar, and Deluxe Salted Caramel cookies and caramel swirls are woven into caramel ice cream to create the tasty Caramellionaire. Cookie D'ough not only has cookie dough pieces and chocolate chunks in cookie dough ice cream but also Chocolate Chunk cookies. 

And lastly, until August 6 or it sells out — get a scoop of Peaches 'N Cheesecake that's full of cream cheese swirls, sugar cookies, pieces of cheesecake, and peach ice cream. Need help deciding? Here's a more extensive flavor breakdown with rankings.