The Unique Combination Of Toppings That Make Up A True Aussie Burger

Burgers down under are served with extra pizzazz. A proper Aussie burger comes stacked with slices of beetroot, pineapple, crispy bacon, and a fried egg between toasted buns. Known as "the lot," this assembled list of ingredients makes up a standard Aussie burger order. The beetroot and pineapple are usually taken straight out of a tin and placed onto the heaping sandwich. Slices of red onion, tomato, and pieces of iceberg lettuce can also be included in this ingredient pile, so if you're ordering an Aussie burger, you should be prepared for a hearty meal to be placed in front of you. 

Though the invention of this smörgåsbord of ingredients is partially credited to a prank served to U.S. troops, the beetroot-topped burger has found its way onto mainstream menus — even at McDonald's. This isn't the typical burger-to-toppings-to-bun ratio you may be used to; Aussie burgers are meant to be substantial, cooked to drippy perfection, and eaten with messy hands.

An ingredient list that packs serious flavor

When combined, this long list of burger ingredients creates a memorable burst of flavor, adding salty sweetness to a sandwich that has come to take on many forms. You may find chili mayonnaise slathered onto one of the Brioche buns or melted cheddar cheese serving as a kind of adhesive to keep some of the ingredients together. Though sweet beetroot slices may sound like a surprising addition to any burger recipe, the denser texture of the root vegetable complements each juicy bite of seasoned beef and pork patties. 

If you have been looking for new mix-ins to spice up your go-to burger recipes, you may want to give this Aussie assembly a try. Vegetarians can add toppings to plant-based burgers, and you can practice cooking eggs perfectly to place on top of your finished masterpieces, building a burger that you can serve with pride — and plenty of napkins.