How Ina Garten Dresses Up Fresh Strawberry Tarts For Spring

If you're seeking the perfect warm-weather dessert that's equal parts refreshing and decadent, look no further than a fruit tart. They can feature any fresh, juicy fruit, but we turn to strawberries for a perfect spring or summer-worthy treat. In fact, so would the fruit-tart-loving Barefoot Contessa herself. Ina Garten's own strawberry tart recipe is a fan favorite, and as she described it on Instagram, the dish makes her think of springtime in her beloved Paris, "when gorgeous berries take over the street markets." Well, say no more.

The celebrity chef's version of the dessert features her classic butter crust, a layer of fluffy and custardy pastry cream, as well as, of course, plenty of fresh strawberries decoratively arranged on top. But since Garten can always be counted on to add her own special twist to staple dishes, she has an extra secret up her sleeve to take the tarts to the next level: the addition of apricot glaze and bits of pistachios.

Upgrade the flavor and texture of the tarts

The added ingredients are indeed an ingenious way to elevate both the taste of the fruit and the texture of each bite. The apricot's tartness cuts through the strawberries' sweetness, creating a bright and well-rounded flavor profile that serves up an unexpected kick. Meanwhile, the pistachios are the perfect ingredient to add a bit of earthy and savory nuttiness to the mostly sweet treat, and they provide a satisfying crunch to the dessert's texture in the process.

Care to incorporate these secret ingredients into your own version of the dish? Per the full strawberry tart recipe on Garten's website, which creates four individual tarts, the chef suggests melting ⅓ cup of apricot jelly with one teaspoon of water to make the glaze. Simply brush it on top, across the berries. Then gather about 3 tablespoons of shelled and halved pistachios to sprinkle on as the final touch. You can also crush them up if you'd prefer them to be a bit finer. Try these additions on your next batch of strawberry tarts for a yummy and Barefoot Contessa-approved dessert (that might even whisk you away to Paris!).