The Starbucks Affogato Hack You Should Consider Ordering

Leave it to the Italians to devise an ingenious — and delicious — way to enjoy coffee. The affogato, which some sources say was invented by a 17th-century Franciscan friar in Italy, involves pouring hot espresso over ice cream for a decadently refreshing treat. The name translates to "drowned," and that's just what you'll get: cold ice cream drowned in hot liquid. The combination of flavors and temperatures results in a unique and creamy dessert, complete with a kick of caffeine.

And while you can order this up at many Italian eateries at home, and abroad — or save the trouble and DIY in your own kitchen — you can also request a version of one at your local Starbucks. Although it's not technically a menu item, you can grab what's essentially an affogato-to-go by getting a little creative with your next frozen drink order. The secret is to start with a classic Vanilla Bean Crème frappuccino.

Add a shot of espresso to your frappuccino

Starbucks' beloved frappuccinos feature a chilled blend of ice, milk, and flavored syrup, and the Vanilla Bean Crème version is akin to vanilla ice cream in a cup, especially when you include the whipped cream topping. It is, indeed, the perfect base for an affogato. All you need to do to turn your frap into an Italian-style, drinkable dessert? Request a shot of espresso to be poured over the top.

The steaming hot addition of espresso will not only provide a dynamic blend of texture and temperature to your sip, but the robust, bitter taste will also cut through the sweetness of the vanilla syrup, resulting in the same well-rounded flavor you'd get with a traditional affogato dish. And since the frappuccino itself doesn't contain coffee, this special upgrade will also give you that dose of caffeine you might be after in the morning or during that mid-afternoon slump. If you really want to start your day on a high note, an affogato-inspired coffee is just the ticket.