Daniel Boulud's Favorite Wine Tool Pours And Preserves At The Same Time

Whether you are a novice or a professional chef, you are bound to have your favorite gadgets. French Chef Daniel Boulud of famed New York City eatery Daniel is no different. Boulud took Insider on a tour of his restaurant kitchen and revealed he has a favorite tool to ensure the vino he opens today is still drinkable weeks if not years later. The restauranter explained that he "loves wine" and the Coravin Timeless, which is designed to decelerate the oxidation process so your wine doesn't spoil too quickly after opening it, is one of his favorite "toys." 

How does it work? Boulud demonstrated how to use this tech where wine flows out of the bottle into a glass but the cork never leaves the bottle's neck. Instead, a needle goes through the cork and draws the wine as it is poured. Argon gas is pumped into the bottle and fills the empty space, preserving your favorite Pinot Noir, Cabernet, or Sauvignon Blanc for the next time you need to whet your whistle. It even works with a screw top. 

Oprah likes it too

This piece of equipment is so amazing, it even made Oprah's 2022 Favorite Things list. It is definitely a game changer if you want to enjoy a single glass of wine and don't plan to polish off the bottle anytime soon. If you are wondering how long a bottle of opened wine remains drinkable, the general consensus is three to five days.

Per Coravin, Boulud even likes to use this gadget at home when he and his wife just want to have a single glass of vino. Boulud stated, "At times when my wife and I want to only have one glass of a special wine, this contraption is what we use at home to preserve the rest of the bottle. It is reliable, perfect for people who care about wine and wish to enjoy a glass from an exceptional bottle. I like it very much." But before you rush out to the store or head over to your favorite online wine store to purchase one, Boulud cautions that you really only buy the Coravin if you can also afford to buy good wine because it is not a cheap gadget.