The Smoky Spice Daniel Boulud Adds For Robust Lobster Tartine

Smoked paprika is an ingredient commonly associated with chorizo, Chef Daniel Boulud tells Bloomberg Originals. But when added to a traditional lobster salad recipe, the brightly colored ingredient brings an element of smoky earthiness to the summery dish. When preparing snacks to serve to guests, Boulud tops crusty, toasted pieces of French bread with lobster salad flavored with the woodsy spice. "In France, we would call this a tartine," Boulud explains.

When entertaining friends, this simple preparation of lobster served on top of sliced baguettes is an elegant option when putting together appetizers and hors d'oeuvres menus to serve. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or arranging a mid-winter feast, this easy, simple pairing of lobster with sprinkles of smoked spice can instantly transport your guests to warm, summery destinations and longer days with each satisfying mouthful. Plus, with individual portions arranged neatly onto a serving plate, visitors can help themselves to as many crunchy pieces as they'd like.

An elegant dish with a twist

Not only does the orange-red paprika powder add a sprinkle of color to dishes, but the warming spice also delivers an extra taste of freshness and warmth to more expected, familiar recipes like lobster salad. Smoked paprika can elevate a basic lobster salad from an average dish served on a bun or offered on a buffet table into a show-stopping feature.

When set onto sliced pieces of bread fresh out of the oven, Boulud's lobster tartines are an easy serve-yourself dish that can be topped with fresh herbs or melted parmesan to keep hunger pangs at bay. Add avocado for a more filling dish, or keep the dish light and fresh with minimal ingredients. With the lobster's fresh taste of the sea enhanced by the earthy, smoked paprika, serving spicy lobster tartine at your next dinner party is the kind of dish that will have your guests asking for the recipe before the night is over.