Martha Stewart's Favorite Dish At Nobu Fifty Seven Is A Best Kept Secret

Nobu 57 is not for the faint of heart, at least, not when it comes to your pocketbook. This eatery in Manhattan is known for its incredible sushi, delightful cocktails, and the hefty price tag that comes along with the dining experience it provides its patrons. Nobu restaurants have always been a place to see and be seen, and Nobu 57 is no different. In fact, Martha Stewart loves her Asian food and revealed on her website that when she dines at Nobu 57, there is an off-the-menu dish she can't wait to sink her teeth into when she dines here.

The media mogul and cookbook author shared she is a fan of Japanese hot pot, also known as sukiyaki. Stewart said, "Nobu Fifty Seven makes very exquisite sukiyaki with wagyu beef. It's just incredible, and so, so tender." But she also suggests asking if they are able to make it before getting your heart, along with your taste buds, set on eating this dish. She states, "Sukiyaki is a special order, by the way, but you can ask in advance, just to make sure they'll make it."

Don't forget the raw egg dip

But what exactly is this sukiyaki dish Stewart loves to order? Often described as a one-pot meal, sukiyaki is made using ultra-thin sliced beef that has been cooked in a sauce that includes flavors that are both sweet and savory and carries the umami taste of soy sauce and a hint of sake in the form of mirin. According to the New York Daily News, when you order this menu item at Nobu 57 it must be ordered 24 hours in advance and generally for the whole table. After the slices of beef or Waygu are enjoyed, a Hibachi chef adds noodles to the dish so diners can sop up all that delicious sauce.

Traditionally, in addition to the beef and noodles, sukiyaki will have mushrooms and tong ho — also known as chrysanthemum leaves — which are cooked with the beef to form this delectable dish. Often accompanying this meal is a bowl of beaten raw egg in which everything from the beef to the greens is dipped into for an even richer taste.