Buffalo Trace Debuts New Line Of Daniel Weller Wheated Bourbons

Buffalo Trace Distillery has just launched a new, innovative line of bourbon. The line's first release is called Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat, a wheated bourbon that has been aged for 12 years. A wheated bourbon is created when rye is partially or completely replaced by wheat in the production process. The wheat used in this new product is an ancient grain, Emmer wheat. Used for centuries in making beer and bread, this grain has rarely, if ever, been included as an ingredient in whiskey production.

The choice of Emmer wheat creates a new, appealing flavor. As Harlen Wheatley, the master distiller at Buffalo Trace, explains, "We began this experiment to see how one of the original, long-forgotten wheat strains would taste in our wheated bourbon." Wheatley is impressed with the results, adding, "It offers just a slightly — yet delightfully — different taste that brings us into new bourbon territory." Wheatley states that this new release has unique notes that distinguish it from previous Weller releases. 

A revolutionary wheated bourbon

The namesake for this new line from Buffalo Trace Distillery, Daniel Weller, is in the history of the company's home state. Fans of Kentucky whiskey may be familiar with William Larue Weller, who is often credited as among the first in the state to produce a wheated bourbon. But his grandfather, Daniel Weller, also played an important role in the development of this family business, too. A veteran of the Revolutionary War, Daniel Weller came to Kentucky with his family in 1794. There, he began producing whiskey, a business later carried on by his son Samuel. His grandson, William Larue, went on to establish W.L. Weller & Sons, a famed distillery.

Each bottle features a special homage to Daniel Weller: The map coordinates to the site of Weller's Kentucky farm can be found under the bottle's compass stopper. A limited number of bottles of Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat are available nationally through selected retailers with a suggested price of $499.99.