Break Out The Skewers To Make Your Potluck Potato Salad Feel Fancier

Classic dishes are not above a little revamping from time to time, and if you want to transform your traditional potato salad into a sophisticated finger food with a touch of elegance for your next backyard barbecue, tailgate gathering, or fancy cocktail party, you may want to break out the skewers. To truly elevate this potluck go-to, consider serving it with a little bit of a creative twist — deconstructed on skewers.

Whether a Mediterranean version of this summertime staple, filled with kalamata olives, red onions, and a lemony vinaigrette, or a standard potato salad made with mayo, pickles, celery, and eggs, at the heart of all its variations is the humble boiled potato. Cubed or cut in half, potatoes are perfect for threading onto skewers along with the many other ingredients used to make potato salad. Marinate those tubers or serve the constructed kebabs with a dipping dressing of choice, and you've created everyone's new favorite way to eat this dish. 

No utensils needed

Serving potato salad on skewers never gets old because you can change up the ingredients to complement whatever the main attraction might be. Cherry tomatoes, fried bacon, and iceberg lettuce make a lovely bite for your taste buds alongside those soft potatoes, and they're a perfect side for grilled chicken. And if you want to really change things up, you can grill the potatoes after you boil them to give them a nice crunchy texture on the outside.

However, if you want to stick to a more old-fashioned version of this classic salad, consider Kitchn's take on potato salad kebabs. Potatoes sauced with a sumptuous dill dressing are threaded on skewers along with smoked salmon to create a lovely two-bite appetizer to enjoy with a martini or served with your favorite burger. Either way, you will have the added benefit of not needing any additional eating utensils.