Daniel Boulud's 'Sexiest' Dish Is A Sensual Take On A Classic

Scrambled eggs and toast are a classic morning dish for when you have overnight guests, but French chef Daniel Boulud has a fancy upgrade that is sure to impress your next visitor. He suggests making creamy scrambled eggs with a spoonful of caviar on top to make the dish feel extra special, serving it with buttery toast on the side. "Of course, it must be served in bed for the desired effect," he told Bon Appétit. "It's a relatively simple seduction."

This will take a little pre-planning since most people don't have a casual tin of caviar chilling in their fridge. You can buy it at grocery stores like Whole Foods or Costco, as well as reputable online stores specializing in quality fish. Once you have it in your possession, store it in the fridge between 28 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Most fridges are between 35 to 38 degrees, so you might need to surround your caviar tin with ice packs to be safe. Let it sit for 10 minutes at room temperature before serving and when scooping it out make sure to use a plastic spoon, as metal utensils can compromise the flavor.

Affordable alternatives to caviar

Real caviar can get quite pricey, but that doesn't mean you must forgo serving Boulud's sexy dish. While authentic options can cost anywhere between $40 to $100 per ounce on the low end, there are more affordable alternatives. For example, while real caviar is cured sturgeon roe, you can expand to different fish for a lower price. Look for salmon, paddlefish, or bowfin versions instead.  Some will be less salty than the original and others may even be slightly sweet.

You can also bring down the price if you look for domestic options since imported caviar has extra taxes and duties that are included in its price. If you're really on a budget, try a non-egg option. Soy pearls look nearly identical to the real deal but are made with soy and dyed for authenticity. They might not taste briney but they will still deliver that salty, umami flavor.