The Creamy Ingredient Molly Yeh Uses To Save Overcooked Scrambled Eggs - Exclusive

Molly Yeh does not get scrambled eggs right every time she makes them, which may sound strange if you consider that she published a cookbook titled "Home Is Where The Eggs Are." Then again, Yeh is about as far as you can get from the kind of perfectionist that Ralph Fiennes portrayed in "The Menu." Case in point — this Food Network celeb recently admitted to us that she often forgets to bring her eggs to room temperature before baking. "I am super scatterbrained," she told us cheerfully.

Scrambled eggs, in particular, are, as she says, "finicky" and prone to overcooking, which is why the "Girl Meets Farm" star has a trick up her sleeve when her scrambled eggs go south. Take out your tub of cream cheese, and you'll create "a more forgiving scenario for a scrambled egg," Yeh told Tasting Table. 

The creamy dairy product can give you some wiggle room in the event that you get momentarily distracted and miss the mark. "If you accidentally overcook your egg by two seconds, you still have creaminess from the cream cheese, so that texture is still there," Yeh explained. "If you're just kind of nervous about getting that perfect consistency, you have that insurance plan of the cream cheese that will allow you that similar creamy textural experience." 

Even scrambled egg experts should add cream cheese to their scrambles

Maybe you're a scrambled egg virtuoso, in which case you don't need to add cream cheese to your eggs to prevent them from overcooking, right? Molly Yeh implores you to reconsider. Unlike adding other dairy products to scrambled eggs, like milk, which may or may not make for a creamier scramble, cream cheese is not just a textural agent. 

Incorporating it into your eggs will enhance your dish's flavor profile. Yeh told us that she replicates the same "acidity" and "tang" she craves in ketchup and eggs by adding cream cheese to her scramble. Besides, cream cheese might give your inner kid something to write home about, as it does for Yeh. The Food Network star rhapsodized, "It gets it melty, it adds delicious flavor, it brings me back to my favorite table order when I was little of scrambled eggs and cream cheese." Now, we ask, who doesn't want a bit of that?